Fundraising Volunteer


13 Jun 2020




Do you have experience fundraising for nonprofits? Are you not afraid to do some cold calling? Do you have connections? Do you love technology? Then continue reading!

What we do:
Help youth travel and learn a language!
A nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, Undefeatable Foundation changes the lives of American youth by helping them travel and learn a language. We help give students a valuable skill---another language. This is much needed in the 21st century and will make each student a valued global citizen.

Important considerations before applying:
We are currently building the nonprofit from the ground up and don’t have any revenue yet to pay for this position. If you apply you should be fine with working for 2-3 months between 10-20 hours a week with no salary. No salary now does not mean we won’t ever pay it. Your contributions will be documented and paid in retrospect once we make solid revenues and receive the grants we apply for.

About you:
-Excited about our vision
-Experienced in with fundraising
-Self-starter who loves to inspire people to make a difference 
-Excellent communications and customer service skills 
-Strong interpersonal skills combined with determination, resiliency and a positive attitude


We would love to have volunteers who give their time to help fundraise online or solicit for in-kind donations.

  • The opportunity will involve the following:
  • Research prospective donors
  • Create a strong fundraising message that appeals to potential donors
  • Conduct fundraising strategies for Undefeatable Foundation
  • Identify and contact potential donors
  • Organize a campaign or event that will lead to soliciting donations
  • Maintain records of donor information for future use

What you get:
-Work anywhere - we cherish working from anywhere in the world
-Recommendation letter after 3 months of successful volunteering
-We can also work with your school to receive college credit if you are a student for the opportunity
-Once we have the funds, you earn a competitive salary and full-time or part-time position. (at your convenience)

How to apply:
-Please only apply if it is generally an option to work for the next 2-3 months under the conditions specified
Apply here:

Suggestions on what to include:
-Cover letter: An introduction to your motivation and previous work. Have you secured a grant before? If so, show off your work!
-We don’t care about your formal education, but about your esteem, quality of work, creativity, reliability and intentions
-Include the hashtag #undefeatable after your name before you submit your application